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Hitachi SJP1 Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are High Performance drives designed for a wide variety of general purpose and demanding industrial applications. SJP1 drives are compatible for use with industrial Fan and Pump applications, Material handling systems such as Conveyor systems, Crane, Machine Tools, Injection molding, Winder and re-winder applications. Hitachi SJP1 drives feature modern connectivity, via the USB port for ProDriveNext configuration software communication, Colored TFT operator interface, Optional slots, and spring clamp terminal blocks. Speak to an expert now: Call 800-985-6929 or Contact Us.

Manuals and documentation may also be downloaded through the product documentation page.

SJP1 drives are equipped with RS485 MODBUS RTU terminals, used for daisy-chaining up to 32 drives for centralized configuration and control. Hitachi SJP1 drives also come with simulation mode control simulation logic operation may be initiated without direct motor output.SJP1 drives documentation are available to more about the features and capability of this series.


  • Series: SJP1
  • 250 Horsepower(HP)
  • 185 Kilowatt (KW)
  • 380-480 Volts
  • 432 Amps
  • 3 Phase
  • 275.5 pounds