AC Line Reactors

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Hitachi AC Line reactors are a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) component used to protect Hitachi inverters from rapid rise of current, to avoid unnecessary tripping of the inverter. Line reactors for VFD’s may be installed in the input side to protect the inverter or load side for motor protection. Hitachi offers a wide range of line reactors for ac drives, specifically 3-Phase 200-230 VAC, 1-Phase 200-240 VAC, and 3-Phase 380-480 VAC voltage ranges. To select line reactors for your VFD, identify the inverter’s supply input voltage and phase, rated power, Fundamental Current, Inductance and desired reactor Impedance.


  • Series: AC Line Reactor
  • 230 Volts
  • 1Phase 2 Horsepower(HP)
  • 3Phase 3 Horsepower(HP)
  • 9.6 Fund. Amps
  • 1.25 Actual mH
  • 3.26 Equivalent Impedance(%Z)
  • 9 pounds