DC Link Chokes

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Hitachi Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) DC Link chokes are inductors that suppresses harmonics and help stabilize DC bus voltage and Current. It protects the VFD by correcting the AC input line waveform and helps produce a ripple free DC waveform, resulting to a reliable and efficient operation of your Hitachi AC Drive.

DC Link Chokes for Hitachi Variable Frequency Drives are also known as reactors or DC Line reactors. It performs similarly as an AC Line reactor composed of especially designed wire coils to eliminate unwanted harmonic disturbances.

Appropriate selection of Hitachi DC Link chokes is based on the operating voltage and phase as well as required inductance by the VFD unit.

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  • DC Link Chokes
  • 0.75 megaHertz (mH)
  • 3 Phase
  • 380-480V 30HP = DC Amps Rating:64.4A
  • V 40HP = DC Amps Rating:79.7A