Hitachi Vortex Blower VB-004SE-U

  • Series: E Series Vortex Blower
  • Maximum cfm Volume = 26.5 cfm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure = 25 in. H20
  • 115-230 Volts
  • 1 Phase
  • 14.3 pounds

Hitachi’s E Series Vortex Blower can be used in a variety of applications. The Hitachi radial vane impeller design allows operation in either direction with the same efficiency.

Vortex Blower, 115-230 volt, 1 phase

A cup shaped impeller design minimizes turbulence maximizing air volume production. Hitachi’s blower impeller design and single path air compression lets you use smaller blowers for large air volume applications. You save money by purchasing a Hitachi blower that costs less than competitive blowers and makes the same or more air.

E Series
Maximum cfm Volume = 26.5 cfm
Maximum Operating Pressure = 25 in. H20



  • 100% Oil-Less, High Capacity Design
  • Cup shape impeller generates air by non-interference, single path air compression.
  • Flexible application for both discharge and suction
  • Low sound levels
  • uL listing
  • One (1) year VB product replacement warranty

Width: 9.06 inches
Height: 11.85 inches
Length: 10.2 inches
Weight: 41.5 lbs
Connection: 1.25 MPT
Max Output Vacuum: 0.39 kW
FLA Amps: 6.0/3.0 A
Locked Rotor Amps: 20.0/10.0 A
Maximum Inches of H2O Operating Pressure or Vacuum: 39
Max Volume: 75 CFM
Decibels: 61 DBA
Input Power: 1-phase, 115/230V, 60Hz
Motor Output: 0.4 kW
Motor Output: 0.54 hp
Poles: 2
Insulation Class: B

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