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Hitachi SJ700D-004LFUF3 AC Drive

  • Series: SJ700D
  • 0.5 Horsepower(HP)
  • 0.4 Kilowatt (KW)
  • 200-240 Volts
  • 3 Amps
  • 3 Phase
  • 7.7 pounds
This product is no longer manufactured or sold. The Hitachi recommended replacement is the P1-00044-LFUF drive. Please check the dimensions and specifications on the replacement drive page or contact us at 800-985-6929 to confirm the replacement will work for your application.

Replacement Drive

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SJ700D Series
Input voltage: 200-240 volt, 3 phase, 1/2 HP


Easy operation and setup by standard keypad (shown) or optional PC-based ProDriveNext configuration software
Drop-in replacement for L700( L300P in most cases)
V/Hz CT & VT, PLUS Sensorless Vector (SLV) control modes
Modbus/RTU standard – communication options available for networks suchs as Ethernet, DeviceNet, LONworks (others planned)
Wide range of application-specific functions for optimal performance: auto energy saving functions; intelligent terminal system; removable circuit terminals
EzSQ Internal PLC-like controller
Internal DB transistor up to 30 kW (40 hp)
EMC filter (C3) integrated up to 160 kW in 400V and 75 kW in 200V
Easy to set up, operate & maintain
NEMA1-style Conduit Box Optional
Height: 10.04 Inches
Width: 5.91 Inches
Depth: 5.51 Inches
Weight: 10 Lb
Light Duty (Variable Torque) Attributes

  • 0.75 Kilowatt (KW)
  • 1 Horsepower (HP)
  • 3.7Amps(A)

Manuals and Specifications:


How to set up Hitachi Inverters

Hitachi Inverters -PID Control

Hitachi Inveter -How to Enable Dynamic Braking



  • Compatible with NES1,SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,WJ200,X200, L100,L100M,L300P
  • Drive Option
  • OPE-Srmini NEMA4X Option Kit

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  • Compatible with SJ700D
  • SJ700 Conduit Box - NEMA 1


  • Compatible with NES1,SJ700D,WJ200,X200
  • 0Drive Option(HP)
  • Extension Cable 1m(KW)


  • Compatible with NES1,SJ700D,WJ200,X200
  • Drive Option
  • Extension Cable 3m(KW)


  • Compatible with NES1,SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,L300P
  • Standard SJ700 Operator


  • Compatible with SJ700D
  • Standard Digital Operator (dual markings)


  • Remote Digital Operator
  • Requires ICS-1 or ICS-3 cable for remote mounting to be compatible with WJ200 and NES1 drives


  • Series: Drive Options
  • Internal Option Board
  • Compatible with SJ700, SJ700B, SJ700D, L300P, )


  • Compatible with SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,L300P
  • Internal Option Board

Out of stock

  • Compatible with SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,X200,L100,L100M,L300P
  • Drive Option
  • Converter Cable
  • USB to RS422