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Hitachi E Series Blowers are high-performance, industrially approved blowers that are designed for High Volume and Low-Noise applications. Hitachi E Series Volume type blowers are especially compatible for suction and blowing-off of dust collectors, pneumatic Transportation, printing and washing machine applications. Hitachi E Series High Volume is suitable for long piping and high-pressure applications such as feeding air tunnel construction. The Low Noise Hitachi E-Series blowers come with large volume using the original blower structure with significantly lowered output noise of 4 – 7dB. Speak to an expert now: Call 800-985-6929 or Contact Us
Hitachi E Series Blower are available in 1-Phase, 100/200VAC and 3-Phase, 400VAC Voltage categories with output power ranging from 100W to 11kW for Volume type and 0.4W to 3.0kW for
Low Noise type. Equipped with radial vane impeller that produces large volume, Hitachi E Series Blower also features compact and lightweight with high reliability and superior heat resistance.


  • Series: E Series Vortex Blower
  • Maximum cfm Volume = 110 cfm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure = 47 in. H20
  • 115-230 Volts
  • 1 Phase
  • 14.3 pounds