Hitachi AC Drives L300P-300LFU2PSK

  • Series:L300P
  • 40 Horsepower(HP)
  • 30 Kilowatt (KW)
  • 200 Volts
  • 113 Amps
  • 3 Phase
  • 26.4 pounds
This product is no longer manufactured or sold. The Hitachi recommended replacement is the P1-01530-LFUF drive. Please check the dimensions and specifications on the replacement drive page or contact us at 800-985-6929 to confirm the replacement will work for your application.

Replacement Drive

Hitachi AC Drives L300P

The HiPASS Bypass panel is designed to provide energy savings, reduced harmonic distortion, minimized
down time, and easy interface with Building Automation Systems. The HiPASS panel will allow the user to
operate their system from the L300P drive or directly across the AC input power line.

HiPASS Bypass Panel standard features: – NEMA 1 Design (Side by Side)
– UL Listed 100kA Short Circuit Rating
– Quick Menu Selection
– 5% AC Line Reactor
– Quick Start Up Capability by Keypad
– Easy Access Customer Terminal Strip
– Drive Service Switch
– SC-OPE 3H Keypad (4 line, 20-character LCD display)
– Motor Overload Contactor
– HAND/AUTO Selection
– 115VAC Transformer
– Fused Disconnect (through door)
– Write/Copy Capability (SC-OPE 3H)
– RS485 System Resistor Termination
– Terminals for Freeze-stat, Fire-Stat Safety Interlocks
– Purge Speed Selection
– System Power On Light
– Bypass On Light
– 2 Contactor Design – Power/Bypass
– Easy Connection and Selection of BAS Systems
– Safety/Run Enable Override Jumpers Installed

Manuals and Specifications:

Instruction Manual Hitachi L300P Instruction Manual
Brochure Brochure



  • Compatible with SJ700,L300P,SJ300
  • Relay Terminal Board L300PTM


  • Compatible with NES1,SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,WJ200,X200, L100,L100M,L300P
  • Drive Option
  • OPE-Srmini NEMA4X Option Kit


  • Compatible with NES1,SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,L300P
  • Standard SJ700 Operator

Out of stock

  • Compatible with NES1,SJ700,SJ700B,L300P


  • Remote Digital Operator
  • Requires ICS-1 or ICS-3 cable for remote mounting to be compatible with WJ200 and NES1 drives


  • Series: Drive Options
  • Internal Option Board
  • Compatible with SJ700, SJ700B, SJ700D, L300P, )


  • Compatible with L300P
  • Internal Option Board


  • Compatible with SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,L300P
  • Internal Option Board

Out of stock

  • Compatible with SJ700,SJ700B,SJ700D,X200,L100,L100M,L300P
  • Drive Option
  • Converter Cable
  • USB to RS422